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About Bed Bugs

A massive epidemic of bed bug infestations have spread throughout the New York City area. These critters are small in size, measuring only 4mm by about 13mm. Even though they are small in size, bed bugs have a strong impact on the environments they intrude in. Evolving through six life stages, they can make their stay range over long periods of time.

Bed bugs are able to live and thrive in a number of conditions which makes them difficult to remove. Bed bugs are able to survive through extreme temperatures and humidity levels. On the cold spectrum, they can survive temperatures below thirty degrees. Additionally, bed bugs can withstand temperatures greater than one hundred and ten degrees. Humidity and high moisture levels do not affect their ability to live and reproduce. Since they are able to withstand these environmental conditions, it becomes difficult to remove them.

There are many warning signs that bed bugs have infested your NYC home. For one, these small creatures will be visible within all types of furniture and clothing. The most common furniture that they will inhabit is your bed. Since they do need blood to survive, the bed is an optimal feeding location. Along with blood stains on your sheets, you will also notice bite marks all over your skin. Bite marks are usually smaller than a dime in size and often follow a trail. If loved ones have unexpected bite marks that follow a pattern, it may be the result of bed bugs. Do not let your family members suffer any longer, it is time to investigate and seek professional help, Terminix is a leader in bed bug exterminating. Also see our Mattress Disposal Service

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