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NYC Mattress Disposal Service

The New York City Department of Sanitation requires all NYC residents to seal in pastic bagging all bedding, mattresses or box springs being discarded for DSNY collection. This rule helps prevent the spread of bed bug activity, with bed bugs being found in homes and apartments.NYC Mattress Disposal It is normal to find bed bugs living in bedding, such as mattresses and box springs, hiding in their crevices until they are ready to feed, sealing bedding for disposal minimises the risk of transmitting bed bugs.

The NYC Bed Bug Laundry now offers a "Mattress Disposal Service" where our specially trained team comes in, properly seals and removes your bedding to the curb for disposal.

Pricing for this service is $95 for the first item and $25 for each additional item, please add $10 per walk-up floor after the 2nd floor.

NYC Department of Sanitation Mattress Law

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