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Bed Bug Laundry NYC

Bed Bug Laundry NYC

New York City has been coping with an infestation of bed bugs lately. Sadly, many people who are affected seem to think that an exterminator is sufficient enough. But that is only half the solution.

Having a bed bug infestation can drive you crazy. Your mind is focused on only one thing; getting rid of them. You may think calling in an exterminator will solve the problem, but it doesn't. You also have to get your laundry done to be completely free of them.

We are the solution to this problem. The NYC Bed Bug Laundry service is the only company in New York City specializing in getting your laundry free of bed bugs and their eggs.

Your laundry is conveniently and discreetly picked up and cleaned professionally with our specifically designed system. Within 48 hours, your fresh and clean laundry, sorted and folded, is ready for delivery in new, clear, sealed plastic bags.

Getting rid of bed bugs is easy when the proper steps are taken. We take the guess work out of the process and even coordinate your laundry service with your desired pest control and/or extermination service in New York City.

We get many calls from customers expressing how much they wish they had called us sooner.

We will help you get back to normal and fast!

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