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NYC Bed Bug Laundry At NYC Bed Bug Laundry, we provide professional laundry and dry cleaning services for people with all types of bed bug infestations. Appointments can be made seven days a week and also around your schedule. Professionals come to your homes to collect the items that need treatment. The items are taken to an isolated facility where professionals inspect them carefully. Then a customized treatment plan is created to meet your needs.

Once an appointment is made you can begin gathering all of your items. It is important to remember that bed bugs do not remain in one room alone. They often spread throughout the entire house, reproducing and laying eggs constantly. Do not think that only one area of the house is infected. This is why it is recommended to treat all of your clothes and household items that are in close vicinity to the infested area. Before the professionals arrive to gather your clothing and other household items, you can begin bagging the items yourself. To reduce spreading the bugs to your neighbors and surrounding residential area, it important to double bag your item using heavy duty trash bags and sealing the bags with tape.

People tend to take different routes when dealing with bed bug infestations. Most often, they try to handle the cleaning by themselves. Even though it is with good intent, being inexperienced in this field only worsens the situation. The NYC Bed Bug Laundry service provides the expertise and care needed to overcome this obstacle.

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